Group classes aims at increasing core stability and flexibility, and improving general muscle tone. As Biokineticists we adapt pilates exercises for rehabilitation by incorporating and can still be beneficial for treating musculoskeletal pain

Pilates can be very beneficial for treating musculoskeletal pain. We aim to correct the true cause of pain and stiffness associated with musculoskeletal pain, and decrease the possibility of pain or injury reoccurring.

Our Group classes may differ from traditional Pilates programmes but our aim is to promote correct muscle recruitment, in order to improve core stability and eliminate dysfunctional movement patterns, thus preventing injury and the recurrence of pain.

Before entering our classes, all new participants need have a individual session with our biokineticist. This is to ensure you have ability to correctly activate the correct muscles – preventing over-activating the wrong muscles, and allowing full participation without causing further injury to yourself.