Our practice opened 2012 in Waverley Pretoria, and now expanded to the east of Pretoria and surrounding areas – accommodating all patients with various needs with home visits.

Jolene Booyens
Loves the outdoors and overlanding with family. Special interest in sports and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Jolene studied at the University of Pretoria, graduating honours with distinction in 2008.

She completed her internship at the BMW Rosslyn plant under Dinda de Klerk, then worked Nicola Macload Biokineticist. She founded Booyens Biokineticists in 2012.

Madelize McDonald
Partner with other Biokineticist for uninterrupted service.

Madelize McDonald completed her Biokinetics honours degree at the University of the Witwatersrand. She is a very caring and enthusiastic individual who loves working with sports injuries and has a special interest in the management of chronic conditions.

She enjoys learning and uses her creativity to design individualised exercise programs. Her favourite hobby is hiking and collecting plants.

Practice Address: 409 Kirkness Street, Pretoria

Our specialised equipment:

We offer individuals with lower extremity disabilities the chance to stand and walk again using the Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill and EMS training device. This cutting-edge technology provides outstanding results.


The Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill is an innovative device designed to help patients recover faster, with less pain while also reducing the risk of further injury. It provides a safe way to lose weight and exercise more intensively while unweighted.

With the assistance of the Alter-G, patients with neurological injuries and disorders such as MS, ALS, Stroke, Guillain-Barre and Parkinson’s can walk and exercise on their feet again.

VALD Equipment for performance and health

“If you can measure it, you can improve it” we use the VALD foredecks and DynaMo for in-depth and effective assessment of strength and flexibility. This includes measuring any asymmetries between left and right, concentric and essentric, stability and balance. Even more data can be retrieved allowing us more scientific exercise program designs and loaded on VALDhab app. Allowing patients to follow exercises on their smartphone and we can track compliancy for better results. For more info please go have a look at their website https://valdperformance.com/ or feel free to give us a call


ElectroMyoGraphy (EMG) testing help identify “lazy” muscles with low activity rate and the added STIMS on EMS or PowerDot helps to activate muscle activity for better biomechanics and strength. EMS training device is also used to aid in quicker recovery of muscle atrophy.

The EMS training device is a medically approved device that contracts specific muscles via an electrical current passed through your muscles.